A few steps from the sea

The Edison Hotel Seaview is in a privileged location, in the heart of the seafront of Sottomarina. You will have the possibility to rent our bikes for free and plan excursions to discover the true essence of the place and its surroundings.
✔ Tours in the lagoon of Chioggia
✔ Trips to Venice, Burano, Murano, Torcello, Pellestrina, Padua and the Delta of the Po River.
✔ Fishing tourism

Sottomarina Lido

About ten kilometres long and with a depth that in some places reaches 300 metres, the beach of Sottomarina Lido is appreciated for the quality of its fine sand, rich in healthy minerals and iodine. For this reason it is recommended by doctors for the well-being of the body. The sand of Sottomarina is particularly rich in augite, quartz, silicates and micaceous elements. Sottomarina benefits from a moderate and constant ventilation, which makes its beach particularly recommended for heliotherapy, psammotherapy and, above all, for a unique tan. Sottomarina Lido is located 20 km from Venice, that can be reached by motorboat from Chioggia.



It is called the “little Venice”: a city of fishermen, bridges and “calli”, its typical narrow streets. A city of incredible charm, where the architectural elegance of its buildings blends with the seafaring veracity of its inhabitants. Chioggia is famous for its monuments (including the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Clocktower of S. Andrea), its museums (especially the Clocktower Museum), and also for its picturesque and lively fish market. There, at the first light of dawn, as tradition dictates, fresh fish caught overnight by the locals arrives every day. From our Hotel you can reach Chioggia by bus, bicycle or on foot, and from the city centre you can then board the motorboat to visit Venice.


Discover the charm of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice. Among its “sestieri” (the city districts) and “calli” you will see majestic buildings such as St. Mark's Basilica, Doge’s Palace and the famous Rialto Bridge, from which you can admire a unique panorama of gondolas, “briccole” and open-air restaurants. We will recommend to you the most beautiful places to visit, such as the nearby island of Murano, the largest island in the lagoon after Venice and famous worldwide for its glass works. We will suggest to you the right “Bàcaro” for a “cicchetto”, the typical Venetian appetizer, or for a Doge's risotto, or a restaurant in a “campiello” for a romantic dinner. We will be glad to organize for you everything you need to visit Venice in a day, starting from Chioggia, a few


An island in the Venetian Lagoon, Pellestrina is a quiet corner away from the noise of the city. It is characterized by small villages, with colourful houses, all lined up on the Lagoon. An ideal place to discover the real lagoon cuisine, relax on little crowded beaches or enjoy a quiet walk along the Murazzi, massive Istrian stone fortifications that connect the small villages of the island and protect the island from the sea. You can reach Pellestrina from Chioggia or Venice, and in the summer you will have the opportunity to visit one of the many local festivals and enjoy the island's atmosphere.

Delta of the Po River

If you want to experience unique sensations, then we recommend a hike on the Delta of the Po River. A completely flat landscape, made of quietness and colours, where you can discover a rich fauna and breathe the scents of an uncontaminated nature. In this magical place, shaped by the constant flow of the river, you will have the chance to see: a rice field, a Venetian villa, a rural house and a charming beach with fine sand. In addition, for birdwatchers, it will be possible to admire over 370 species of aquatic and nesting and migratory birds. It is possible to reach the Natural Park of the Po Delta with a motorboat from Chioggia, a few minutes from our Hotel.
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